Mansfield Revolution SC


Club Announcement

Reflection of the past and Demand of the future
Published Dec 22, 2019

Revolutions current season finished off (W-D-L) 9-2-3 as it was our first season in the UPSL. Everyone has learned a lot from players to coaches, as well as the team's CEO to other team admins. As stated from our Team's CEO Angel Portillo, we have future aspirations onto moving to the "NPSL" and if possible continue to grow our way up. This season on the field was a roller coaster ride of drama as the team finished a strong third place in the league, however, off the field was really inspiring to see how our fan base has grown. Each Revolution home game averaged about 80 fans a night, our current record attendance is 150 from our home opener. We are confident to continue to reach out to locals in Mansfield, but also reach out to the rest of our youth and their parents at the club, as a whole organization the club consists of about 20 teams and about 300 youth Revolution players. In comparison to FC Dallas and their youth organization, we are hoping to get every single player out to a game during the spring season, as the UPSL team here at Revolution is here to provide a platform for future younger players, as well as give them a chance to watch higher-level football.

Most kids nowadays have stated to some Coaches that they have never seen a Professional football game before or ever been to a live football game before. After our CEO and Team Admins have spoken with some of our fans, the feedback is just what we wanted to hear as many were impressed of the high level football they watched and even noted of players like Trevor Stovall, David Kendrick, Chase Bishop, Logan Lowry, and Eric Portillo were some really talented players. The youth players have taken notice as some have asked for autographs or even taken photos with some of the UPSL players, which in other words the UPSL team looks to continue to bring the beautiful game we love and share to everyone in the great city of Mansfield area.

Moving forward towards the spring season Revolution plans to host a spring tryout to add to our roster for the UPSL team. Revolutions Coaches and staff are looking for players who are not only talented but who are disciplined to respect their teammates, Coaches, and staff, as well as disciplined to maintain proper fitness, showing up to practice on time, and even train as much as possible on their own. Revolution wants to be a place for aspiring players to grow, Revolution has connections with many great Professional players and teams, and in hopes to be able to send a player dedicated enough to fulfill demand in the world of Professional football.

There is also a possibility of a Reserve team that could play in the league " Dallas Soccer Alliance" to allow all players who do not normally get minutes with Senior squad to get their touches and confidence of play up. Other teams such as "LSR" have teams in the league.

Revolution Strives to be a place of equal and competitive opportunity, "we want all of our players always on their game, no spot is ever guaranteed for the first team each week," as said from Head Coach Cesar Duarte. Coach Cesar strives for the team to understand that hard work is a must day in and day out after you leave practice the next day you cannot just sit around and do nothing. Each week the first team only consists of the top 20 players that have worked hard and made each practice. Which Revolution looks to continue next season as well for a possible roster of 30 players, as they currently sit at 26 players.

Nevertheless, Revolution looks forward towards a bright future. It may not be the quickest way to the top but surely we look to make every moment count, from making sure our fans have a good time at our games, to our players understanding where we want their growth on and off the field should be. Despite missing our first place objective this season, we look to bounce back with stronger players, more preseason games to prepare, more events for our fans to get to know our players and our overall goal. As they say "slow and steady wins the race!"