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A new chapter begins!

The UPSL 2020 Fall season begins!
Published Sep 30, 2020

A new Chapter begins! 

Revolution have underwent dramatic changes after the end of the 2019 UPSL Fall campaign, starting with many tryouts and bringing in new players. Although COVID crashed down the hopes of kicking off their 2020 spring season, which kept Revolution away from the pitch and to test the new team they were building. Once the country was slowing opening up once again, Revolution got back to work and began trying to reinforce their team even stronger and build oppurtunties for the players to showcase their talents, such as the NISA Independent Cup. Despite their run in the tournament which they may have not been 100% prepared for, Revolution were blessed with the oppurtunity to bring in a new head coach for the team Coach Diego Bassetto, after Coach Cesar stepped down to focus on the youth of this amazing club. Coach Diego took over the team within two weeks before the NISA Cup tournament and was not able to prepare the team accordingly although moving from that chapter, Coach Diego has made some crucial decscions on the players he felt were not in his plans for this UPSL season and the tactics , formation, and principles the team should follow.

Coach Diego's current preseason record walking into this UPSL season is three wins and two losses. Coach Diego from brazil, has applied many tactis he has learned when he Coached in Brazil and making sure that the team stays united and enjoy the football they play, Coach Diego has stated, " a player who plays football and is happy, will produce great energy and great results." Which is why he always aims for every player to show a standard or respect and class to one another, and making sure they are content being at the club.

The Revolution are walking into the season strong after a victory over Sporting NTX 2-1, as Sporting NTX are a very experinced and strong team to look out for this season. 

We believe that Revolution this season has alot more to offer than previously with a group of players who are more united than ever, and with a Coach who is stern on implenting proper principles and tactics to help lay the foundation for the teams road to success.

Players to look out for this season!!

Teren Tate, already has about 4 goals and 3 assist under his belt, this left footed maestro will be a force to be reckon with when he is on the attack against defenders, as well as his fellow companions Nick Keto and Nick Meza up top, they sure should be keeping our fans excited. They also claim to be called "NKT" , similar to MSN for Messir, Neymar, and Suarez.

In the midfield you have strong leadership being lead by new captain Josh Ortiz, firece with his speed and agility making a probelm for the opposing team not only attacking wise, but rest assure with his speed he will not let anyone run down the line easily. As well as, at CM we have Diego Zungia very experineced within the UPSL, and hoping to create magic within the midfield , filling the gap after Eric Portillo was tranferred to Professinal Club CD Limeno in El Salvador.

Defensively, Veteran Chase bishop has still a strong back line with various new players such as Edgar Lopez and Julio licea, and many more players watching his back. Chase Bishop has rumored the possiblity retiring from football after this season, but plans to make this season the very best by hopefully getting some goals under his belt.

As well as, at goalkeeper three amazing keepers fighting for the spot to start, such as Enrqiue Bravo this gaint is strong in goal and even strong with his feet and he will not let any shot go unblocked. Garrett Bonar who was Revolutions startign keeper last season is eager to not let his spot be taken away without a challanege, making over twenty plus saves last season. Lastly, newly signed keeper Andres, seems to bring high energy into keeping both keepers on their toes for a possible shocker.